Win32 Dialoge mit Python auswerten zeigt, wie man Windows Standard-Dialoge (wie MessageBox und JaNeinAbbrechen) mit Python auswerten kann:

# using ctypes
import ctypes
MessageBox = ctypes.windll.user32.MessageBoxW
MessageBox(None, 'Hello World', 'This is the window title', 0)
# using win32ui
import win32ui
win32ui.MessageBox('This is the message', 'Window Title')
# using win32con
import win32con
result = win32ui.MessageBox('The Message', 'The Title', win32con.MB_YESNOCANCEL)
if result == win32con.IDYES:
    win32ui.MessageBox('You pressed "Yes"')
elif result == win32con.IDNO:
    win32ui.MessageBox('You pressed "No"')
elif result == win32con.IDCANCEL:    
    win32ui.MessageBox('You pressed "Cancel"')


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